Business Immigration

Business Immigration allows individuals who are desired by employers in the United States to be admitted to the United States to work on a temporary or permanent basis. With the globalization of the economy in the United States, many companies have an increasing demand to bring talented foreign national professionals, managers and executives to the United States. However, these demands are often challenged by restrictive immigration laws, policies and procedures.

We represent corporate clients who want to hire foreign individuals for jobs that require highly specialized knowledge. Besides, we represent corporate clients in the transfer of foreign nationals - executives, managers, professionals, investors, and performing artists – to the United States.  Different visa categories have been created for different purposes depending on the skills of the worker. Professional workers may apply for the H1-B visa. Executives and managers may apply for L1-A visa. Australian citizens have the new work visa category called the E-3 Treaty Professional visa. Workers without any higher education could obtain H2-B work visa. These are some of the many visa categories available to foreign workers. Investment visa category allows individuals to invest under Fifth Preference category and even obtain permanent residency of the United States.  We also represent individuals, who, because of their extraordinary ability in their fields do not require corporate sponsorship to immigrate. We also advise on other types of nonimmigrant and permanent strategies besides providing assistance in the retention or relinquishment of permanent residence status, and on naturalization matters.